Name: Ms Megan P
Age: 30 - 40
Location: West Palm Beach, United States
Last logged in : 16th May 2019

Type of coach sought
  • life coaching
Looking for a coach pro-bono
Looking for a coach for low-cost work with fees up to 25


What I am looking to work on / What I am looking for in a coach
Hello there,

Top things I'm seeking:

A Christian who believes Jesus is the Way, Truth, Life.... I've worked with other counselors and if they aren't solid on believing this, it seems to block our progress.

I prefer a female coach please.

I prefer affordable or free coaching... please. I worked with a nice counselor over the phone last year but it was 60$ per hour.... after a few calls, i soon gave up.

I prefer weekly meeting or call and something close to 20$ sounds much more doable right now. I work currently, but about 30 hours per week.

I'm open to a texting friend/coach... is that doable? On an app perhaps?

I'm looking for a friend honestly... patient, good communicator, not a wordy person, someone who can listen well as well as talk, ask questions, wait for answers, draw me out... not just full of advice (please).

If you know a counselor close to my description above, feel free to forward my email to her. Feel free to send to several female pro bono counselors to see if they would like my "case?"
Am I asking for too much? If so, someone please let me know.

One day I would love to be on the other end of this email...

:) thank you,



My other interests, experience and activites
"Jesus" anything, Bible talks, deep talks, but lighthearted joking as well, as long as it's clean... I love to laugh and joke as well as be serious.

Sports... I grew up playing softball and then in college I discovered rowing and was a 4 year college athlete.

People.. I LOVE people... definitely would say that is my calling for now... people. Just have't figured out or decided how to pursue. Via Life in general and work for now.

I've worked as a missionary, house cleaner, math teacher, church secretary, hairdresser, and now in retail... go figure.

Family is important... one day to God willing, have my own.

Writing interests me as well. One day to perhaps have a blog. Sounds fun, interesting.

Would like to learn an intrument one day... piano or guitar. I've attempted to teach myself, but I only know the basic C,G,A,Em chords... so whatever praise and worship songs have those over and over, i have tried probably. I love interest in things quickly if I can't master it quickly... that prob tells you something about myself.

Jeez.. hope this gets read lol! I feel like I'm applying for a friend... I suppose I am... a professional friend. :)

I'll be happy to send a picture of me, just feels strange putting it on here.

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