Name: Coach : Mrs Angi Colwell
Age 45
Coaching since 2006.  13 years.
Location: Sidney, United States
Last logged in : 30th April 2019

My coaching specialties...
  • career coaching
  • health coaching
  • life coaching
  • management coaching
  • mentor coaching
  • personal coaching
  • transition coaching
  • working mother coaching
Coach undertakes pro-bono work
Coach undertakes low-cost work with fees starting from 30.00


Hello! I am an empathetic coach with insight that helps people clear the clutter in their lives physically and mentally to help create balance. Over the years I have worked on creating a better-balanced life for myself and my family as well as having a degree in ABA of Psychology. Now it is my privilege to help others achieve their own individual balance by helping you to clear the clutter and create the goals you want for your Family Life, Personal, Physical, Career, Transitions, mentoring, and to help the working mother or father. Together we will create the life you want and will love!”


My Coach Training and Experience
Life Coach, Career Coach, Wellness Coach, Mentor Coaching, Personal Coaching, Transition Coaching, and Working Parent Coaching. Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis of Psychology.


My other interests, experience and activites
I have many years of experience in life and have had the pleasure of doing many things. I have been in law enforcement, worked in the DD world, gotten a degree in ABA of Psychology, coached in different area's to help other's achieve their dreams and goals. I have been the mother that worked, took care of everything else, married, single, transitioned several times, and have come out in the end a better person as I have allowed myself to grow. I have a passion for helping others as well as an avid hiker, bicyclist, cooking addict, and spending time in adventures with my family.

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