Name: Mrs Sandra J
Age: 40 - 50
Location: Philadelphia, United States
Last logged in : 20th April 2021

Type of coach sought
  • health coaching
  • life coaching
  • personal coaching
  • working mother coaching
Looking for a coach pro-bono


What I am looking to work on / What I am looking for in a coach
I am a somewhat overweight, busy wife and working mom of 3 looking to improve my life and my relationships. I have been diagnosed with ADD and struggle with motivation, follow-through, and just getting things done. I get easily stressed out and escape via tv or books to avoid what really needs to be done. I have been married 22 years, but feel like it’s more of a partnership than a loving marriage. I want to find a way to be productive, happier, healthier, and a role model for my kids. I feel like I am just getting through life, but not really living it and I want to change that.


My other interests, experience and activites
I love to read and spend time with my family. I love the beach and traveling. I am the director/manager of a child care and early learning center in Pennsylvania.

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