Name: Miss Jennifer M
Age: 30 - 40
Location: New York , United States
Last logged in : 12th October 2020

Type of coach sought
  • business coaching
  • career coaching
Looking for a coach pro-bono
Looking for a coach for low-cost work with fees up to 75


What I am looking to work on / What I am looking for in a coach
I have been working in a very unique industry and I have a unique gift and definite USP but I still feel lost and I don’t understand why. I KNOW I am destined for greatness but I feel I need direction and I am my own worst enemy!

Looking for a coach to talk to who is not my friends or family who want me to do what they want for me. Looking for them to give me the tools to figure out stuff for myself and help myself.

I want to get a structure around my business and improve strategy. I would like to start hiring soon or partnering with the right people but need a great structure first.


My other interests, experience and activites
Running, yoga, travelling, cooking, reading, writing

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