Name: Coach : Ms Eliza Seminar
Age 36
Coaching since 2017.  4 years.
Location: Irvine, United States
Last logged in : 5th May 2021

My coaching specialties...
  • life coaching
  • personal coaching
  • relationship coaching
Coach undertakes pro-bono work


It is an amalgam of all the training and education I have received that integrates tracking and attuning to a specific person’s nervous system and what it is calling for in the moment. I have been trained to work with various forms of trauma. Trauma can be caused by highly distressing events or the everyday stressors that we all experience in this modern society. I offer tools and techniques to cope with and to release the bound-up energy from these adverse or stressful events. In addition, I focus on ways to enable post-traumatic growth. I combine this with the scientific study of positive psychology, which offers a rich empirical foundation of evidence-based tools and theories to draw from.


My Coach Training and Experience
Holistic Life Coach
Positive Psychology Practitioner
Trauma, Betrayal Trauma & Stress Healing
Unhealthy Behavior Patterns

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