Name: Mrs Renee M
Age: 30 - 40
Location: Frostburg, United States
Last logged in : 19th December 2020

Type of coach sought
    Looking for a coach pro-bono


    What I am looking to work on / What I am looking for in a coach
    My name is Renee Skye Mcdaniel, and I am a 34-year-old Female. However, I am a business owner, and I need help with my behaviors and thinking. Also, my hygiene is a problem in my life, and I need to change the way I act. Furthermore, I am having relationship problems because of my behaviors and language. My profanity is killing my relationships and my business. Please let me know if you will help me.
    Furthermore, I need someone to call me out on my unacceptable manners and behaviors. It does happen. I hope we can work together also. First, I need help with medication compliance and my actions and behaviors. For an example of my behavior, I got myself in trouble because I thought I would not be a grown woman. I acted out inside a store and got kicked out of the store, so I would say my behavior is one problem. As a child, I had no authority figure within my life. I will obey your direction in this coaching relationship. There are some other goals and habits I want to form. However, first, my behavior problems are the most significant thing, and also obey authority. I want to develop ways to deal with stress and ways to express my emotions more healthily. So, I want to learn how to eat healthier. Also, I want to learn breathing exercises and exercise like yoga and meditation. Nevertheless, I will have to get my other problems under control before I can accomplish these goals. I want to break the habit of smoking cigarettes, and drinking soda also is one of my goals.


    My other interests, experience and activites
    Renee's life coach will not have any amount of limit to work with Renee. It will be her life coach, so that means her coach will walk the journey remaining of her life and Also making Renee's Behavior agreement a key foundation of the coaching relationship, help her get a routine, and then start working on her personal goals while doing this, holding her to her behavior agreement and being strict and firm and when she breaks the behavior making her adjusting her behavior thur lecture and also writing assignments. She will also obey the coach's authority, and the coach is the decision-maker, and Renee is not to make any decision without first getting the approval of her coach. Also, the coach will get updates by email from her college on any negative behavior so that way the coach can be part of Renee academic college career and knowing if any negative behaviors or actions within her college career and all communication will be thur emailed from the college to Renee life coach. And as far as medication, the only thing expected from the life coach is asking Renee if is took her medication, and also at each bedtime check that Renee sends a picture of her medication planner showing her life coach that she took her medication thur out the day and that she has told the truth and this will help grow trust within her relationship with her life coach any picture Renee needs to send to her life coach can be done by text message and also email. IF you are willing to work with Renee, then please send her an email at You can also call her on her cellphone at 202-738-3023 or her home phone at 240-284-2204 and Thank you for taking the time to read this. And due to the covid 19, Renee's income is limited, so she is looking for a pro bono or someone with a monthly sliding scale. Renee is looking for hearing from you today and being prepared to start this journey as soon as possible, and she would like to start the same day if possible. She is desperate to start a coaching relationship, and she needs a life coach because her life is falling apart, and her business is also falling apart. She can not wait much longer. If she does not get a life coach, soon her life will be hopeless, and her business will be shut down and also, she needs 4 check-ins day either by text message or video, whichever the life coach prefers. Thanks again for your time and for considering to work with Renee Skye Mcdaniel

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