Name: Mrs Lisa B
Age: 50 - 60
Location: Fayetteville, Nc, United States
Last logged in : 21st May 2022

Type of coach sought
  • career coaching
  • life coaching
  • personal coaching
Looking for a coach pro-bono
Looking for a coach for low-cost work with fees up to $15 USD


What I am looking to work on / What I am looking for in a coach
I am fearful of failure and rejection. I would also like to get some personal coaching to become more energetic about life. I have no ambition. I also desire spiritual growth. I also enjoy writing and have wanted to write a book for years and have even been told by friends that I have a story and need to write but once again I can't get pass the fear. I can accomplish anything and usually am successful when I put my foot forth but I need a little guiding and pushing right now.


My other interests, experience and activites
I am not currently working due to losing my job when my son unexpectedly was diagnosed with the deadliest form of Lupus on July 7, 2019, a day before my birthday. It has been a very challenging few months. I can't afford to not work but I need to be home there for my son, especially when he is able to come home. This I why I need to work my own business. I can't work for someone else and don't desire to do so.

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