Name: Coach : Mr David Wooldridge
Age 64
Coaching since 2013.  7 years.
Location: Chicago, United States
Last logged in : 28th September 2020

My coaching specialties...
  • sales coaching
Coach undertakes low-cost work with fees starting from no cost


I embody a very diverse coaching approach that includes being very curious, leveraging open-ended empowering questions in a deep reflective state, that enable my clients to discover profound shifts in awareness, which facilitates unprecedented transformational change. It is important that I partner with my clients to continuously forward the action, Thus most of my open-ended empowering questions start with the word what, and at the end of the session I leverage how questions to help my clients develop vetted goals and objectives. I also use where and when words to initiate open-ended questions when applicable, and I seldom ask why questions, because it pulls the client into the past, which is more conducive to the psychology modality. Moreover, I help my clients challenge their limiting beliefs, assumptions and interpretations. At times I will ask my clients for permission to give feedback; such as letting them know that they can change their interpretation styles to work for them instead of against them. I will also use enlightened moments to help my clients understand the virtues of systemic thinking, which is about zooming out to see the whole, how all the parts come together to make up a unified system. It has been scientifically proven that when we are able to think in systemic terms we see more of reality, which allows my clients to make better decisions. Furthermore, deep listening and trusting the organic coaching process is of the utmost importance.


My Coach Training and Experience
I became an IPEC Certified Professional Coach on March 6, 2013. And I became Certified in the Science of Coaching in October of 2019. Moreover, the Harvard professor who developed the Happiness Field of Studies, which is scientifically based, is who certified me in the science of coaching.


My other interests, experience and activites
I am no interested in making money. I want to volunteer my services for free. I have run businesses in corporate America, and I am fortunate enough to be well off financially. We are encountering challenging times, and I want to help business professionals understand how to be successful on the COVID-19 battlefield, where they are experiencing constant waves of disruption and change. I just launched a business named: Law of Happiness Coaching, which provisions coaching, consulting and training services. I love to travel, read, workout rigorously, deepen my walk with Christ, attend plays and Jazz concerts, help people, and write. You can find me on LinkedIn, and I don't currently have a Facebook or twitter account.

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