Name: Coach : Mrs Linda Lee
Age 38
Coaching since 2016.  4 years.
Location: Chehalis Wa, United States
Last logged in : 20th November 2020

My coaching specialties...
  • career coaching
  • life coaching
  • personal coaching
  • relationship coaching
Coach undertakes pro-bono work


I have seen the potentiality that exists in every human being. Awakening, harnessing, and living this potential is the true work of every person. We are meant to live out our Buddha nature during our short time on this earth.

My coaching style is a direct reflection of my worldview - do NOTHING unless it increases your happiness. Believe me, it sounds harder than it actually is :-) When we make this precept the mantra of our life, this is when real change begins to unfold. Living your truth develops you on all levels (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually)

As a coach, I realize that every one of my clients already holds the solutions and answers to all of their problems inside them. The work of a coach is to help them realize this fact; to help them understand their own greatness. Because human beings are social animals, and because we operate in this world through the use of mirror neurons, we believe we are the things we see. This is were coaching can be of tremendous benefit. If a client is witness to a coach's strength, positivity, success, etc, they will begin to see these qualities in themselves.

I am so excited to begin my career helping people discover and live their own truth and power!

All I ask is that clients give their truthful feedback in the form of testominals.


My other interests, experience and activites
access consciousness, kundalini yoga, billiards, writing.

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