Name: Coach : Mr Michael Y. Gordon
Age 45
Coaching since 2020.  4 years.
Location: The Hague, Netherlands
Last logged in : 8th May 2024

My coaching specialties...
  • business coaching
  • career coaching
  • executive coaching
  • leadership coaching
  • life coaching
  • personal coaching
  • relationship coaching
  • transition coaching
Coach undertakes low-cost work with fees starting from 30 USD


Are you looking to achieve personal growth and embrace opportunities in midlife? Do you desire to cultivate healthier and more fulfilling relationships with colleagues, clients, and loved ones? Or maybe you're seeking support during a career change or simply want to break free from overthinking and feeling stuck?

These challenges can be unpleasant, draining your energy and affecting your relationships at work and home, as well as your overall health and wealth.

I understand the struggles you may be facing because I've been through my midlife crises and career changes. I've experienced unhealthy relationships that have impacted both my wealth and health. It wasn't easy, but I discovered a better way when I learned about ICF coaches. I wish I had known about them decades earlier.

By engaging with me, here's what you can expect:
✅ Gain clarity in your life and goals.
✅ Discover hidden resources and possibilities. 💪
✅ Increase self-awareness, overcome self-limiting beliefs, and get unstuck. ✌️
✅ Boost your energy levels. 🌞
✅ Define and pursue your truly desired goals, improving your focus. 🎯
✅ Take purposeful action in the direction you desire, on your terms. 🚩

Along this journey, you may also:
✅ Uncover your strengths and talents.
✅ Find your life's path, building confidence and self-esteem.
✅ Minimize self-doubt.
✅ Stay motivated to achieve your goals.
✅ Gain clarity in both your personal and professional life.
✅ Improve your relationships with loved ones, colleagues, and clients.
✅ Improve efficiency and productivity.
✅ Get support during career transitions.
✅ Get support transitioning from employment to your own business.

Why choose me as your coach:
✅ As an Accountability Coach I'm dedicated to your transformation & follow the ethics of ICF.
✅ Naturally curious, empathetic, and committed to helping make the changes you desire.
✅ As your partner in coaching and an experienced Business Analyst I can help you find solutions even in complex situations.
✅ Naturally organize and add structure, supported by my ESFJ-A personality type.
✅ I have a holistic approach to coaching, considering all aspects of your life.
✅ I will hold you accountable for your actions, ensuring you make progress toward your goals.
✅ Connection, support, commitment, responsibility, and growth are the core values I live by.

I believe in commitments.

Once committed you will reach your goals, 100%.

Your responsibility is to be honest (!) with yourself and me.

To ensure commitment on my side I require a minimal fee through this website - that's also your minimal commitment.


Simply drop me your message.


My Coach Training and Experience


My other interests, experience and activites
- entrepreneurship
- building effective teams
- startup mentorship (Newchip Accelerator, Techstars)
- counselling

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