Name: Coach : Ms Natalia Kavourinou
Age 35
Coaching since 2020.  1 years.
Location: Leiden, Netherlands
Last logged in : 17th January 2021

My coaching specialties...
  • life coaching
  • personal coaching
Coach undertakes pro-bono work


Hey there,

Thank you for visiting my coaching profile.

My name is Natalia Kavourinou and I am a psychologist and a coach in training.

A little bit about my background. I have a bachelors and master's degree in psychology and I have finished my 1st year of a 2 year coaching program. I have worked with people overcoming major life challenges, like addiction; children undergoing cancer therapy, and their parents; children with learning difficulties. In my studies, I learned about what drives our behaviour. In my current job, I try to uncover the psychological mechanisms behind common behaviours seen in organisations.

I have learned a few things from these experiences:
- No matter our personal circumstances, our environment, our background or religion, we all look for connection and meaning. We want to feel loved and we strive to live a life that’s fulfilling.
- Change is always possible. And it is possible, by us.
- We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for.
- We all have our demons to fight. And that’s a good thing! It means that there are certain things worth fighting for!

As part of my coaching program, I now need to gather at least 100 hours of coaching. This will help me keep practicing the skills that I have gained so far, at The ICCI.

It’s not always easy to live a life that feels meaningful. And I know that you’re doing the best that you can. The reason I became a coach is because I want to help people use the resources they already have, to take the responsibility of creating the life they wish to live.

You can reach out via email and/or phone. I would love to hear from you.



My Coach Training and Experience
I am following a 2 year coaching program that takes place in The Hague (the Netherlands). The program is from The Coaching and Counselling Institute (The ICCI) and we are learning to use the Person Centered approach to coaching. At the moment, I have given 5 coaching sessions to 1 client and have practiced coaching many hours with my peers. I am offering offering my coaching services for free, at the moment, as part of my training.

The person-centred approach to coaching (also know as the humanistic approach) is based on the work of Carl Rogers. The approach is based on two foundational premises:

1) People are their own best experts and therefore best placed to understand their own perceptions and make their own decisions.
2) The natural human tendency is to strive towards self-actualisation, meaning that we are driven to be the best that we can be.

The role of the coach is to encourage the coachee to come up with their own suggestions and decisions, and to support them in removing any obstacles to their growth and development.

The coach helps the client reach growth by following the following 3 practices:
1) Congruence – the coach is genuine and authentic.
2) Empathy – the coach feels and demonstrates empathy.
3) Unconditional Positive Regard – the coach has a warm, positive acceptant attitude, without placing any judgment.

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