Name: Coach : Ms Rohaizan Sallehudin
Coaching since 2015.  6 years.
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Last logged in : 27th July 2021

My coaching specialties...
  • career coaching
  • executive coaching
  • leadership coaching
  • life coaching
  • mentor coaching
  • personal coaching
  • relationship coaching
  • transition coaching
Coach undertakes pro-bono work
Coach undertakes low-cost work with fees starting from 50 USD


I believe that you already have the resources within you to be successful and create the future you desire. I become your partner so that you don’t have to go your journey alone. I’ve coached executives around the world who have surpassed their limitations not by luck but with intention. You can do it too.

• She empowered me: “Rohaizan empowered me to take action. She amazed me by her succinct and powerful questions, warm coaching presence, insightful observations and gentle but firm delegation of accountability.”

• I discovered my goals: “I was lost and confused about what I wanted and she helped me identify my strengths / weaknesses and my long and short-term goals - she motivated me to think deeply about them and help me work on how I was going to achieve them.”

• I found clarity: “She helped me identify the real issues and develop courses of action to help mitigate what I was experiencing. Her goal-driven approach made every session focused and productive. Her sincerity is a quality that is treasured by anyone seeking to enhance career and professional development.”

• She helped me grow: “She helped me grow and be my best in my career and my life. Rohaizan’s ability as a Coach is undeniable and her coaching has transformed how I view simple things in life that we often take for granted.”

I invite you to a discovery call and/or experience a coaching session with me so you can decide if you would like to work together. Email me or book directly here:

• I am a certified Executive Coach, credentialed PCC by the ICF. I have over 25 years’ corporate and business experience during which I built a proven track record in functional, strategic and leadership roles. I’ve worked in teams, with teams, created teams and led teams. I chose professional coaching as the logical next step in my life so that I can support executives and leaders in their life journey.

• I work with you to achieve personal excellence, unleash your professional and personal potential to transform your career and performance at work, develop and boost leadership, communications and relationships at all levels. My goal is to support you in enhancing the quality of your professional and personal lives and add value to your career and the companies you work in. I support you in seeing new perspectives, cultivating self-awareness and self-mastery. I help you find your WHY so you can make decisions and take actions that get you from where you are to where you want to be.

• My strength is that I’ve experienced the journey my clients are making. I connect with you at a high level of trust and empathy and bring process and structure to our sessions that help you make sense of what is and what you can do.

• I have clients in Asia, the Middle East, Australasia, Europe and the US. Some client topics have included: overcoming professional challenges, developing leadership capability, transitioning to a new role, preparing for a promotion, developing emotional intelligence, getting to peak performance, dealing with difficult people, leading teams, developing personal and professional relationships, boosting communication skills, developing executive presence, boosting personal productivity, achieving work-life / life balance, discovering their purpose etc


• Academic Background: Bachelor of Science in Economics, MBA

• Professional Memberships: International Coach Federation, European Mentoring and Coaching Council, Association of Coaching Supervisors & Mentors


My Coach Training and Experience
International Coach Federation | Professional Certified Coach
Certified Master Coach
Certified Master Performance Coach

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