Name: Coach : Mr Shaun Harrison
Age 58
Coaching since 2019.  2 years.
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
Last logged in : 13th June 2021
Coach undertakes pro-bono work
Coach undertakes low-cost work with fees starting from 100 USD


Who am I? I am a person who has 50+ years of life experience which I have now combined with life coaching skills to help you discover your own path to Freedom. A path that I have been on for decades.

I am often asked what do I do, “I help people help themselves”

I will help to inspire you to discover your own path to Freedom and realize your own answers.

I am here to help you design your own strategies, provide encouragement and accountability to you on your journey.

I can help you challenge your beliefs, your road blocks to your version of Freedom. I will ask you those deep powerful questions that others would not, questions that will make you think, reflect and explore your options.


My Coach Training and Experience
I started my coaching training with the Life Coaching Academy based in Queensland, Australia in 2019. I have two Pro Bonos that i need to coach to complete to gain Professional Coach certification recognized by the ICF. I coach via Skype and Zoom. You can read the reviews from people who have experienced my coaching skills on my website


My other interests, experience and activites
I had the wish to travel at early age. Immigrating and family trips to the Pacific Islands probably were the cause.

I worked out that if I joined the army I would get to travel, so as soon as I turned 17 I did so. My plan worked.

By 19 I was living and working in South East Asia and the world just opened up.

Trips around North and South East Asia, Europe being first on the list.

Married, divorced, remarried, brought up children, and watched them leave home. All the while off when possible to explore new destinations.

In the last 10 years I have really upped the travelling and recently, way more backpacking and hiking. Some of these experiences i have written about on my website

I am nomadic, travelling and working in other countries. After I was able to leave Australia last year I spent 10 months in Switzerland gaining Alpine experience and working on my new endeavor Global Life Coaching.
I have now relocated jto Tbilisi, Georgia to explore the country in depth.

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