Name: Coach : Ms Scarlett Knight
Coaching since 2019.  1 years.
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Last logged in : 24th January 2020

My coaching specialties...
  • health coaching
  • life coaching
  • personal coaching
Coach undertakes pro-bono work


I am a mindset & womens health coach. I help women to shift their mindset, release the trauma that is holding them back, uncover what it is that they really desire, and guide them through manifesting those desires! And soooo much more.....

I am so passionate about coaching because I love helping and watching women shed their old self and transform into a confident, self loving, abundant, feminine women who is fully embodied in her power and embodied in her dream self so that, she can love and fully enjoy the experience of life.

I love watching the limitations, self doubt, fear and pain melt away and be replaced with a women in her power, standing tall and speaking her truth, living her dreams. Seeing a new transformed women in front of me who loves and backs herself and her dreams fully.

I coach women to shift the reality that they're currently in, one which they no longer enjoy, into one of their dreams. One full of pleasure, joy, love and limitless inner happiness.

I coach with tools that I KNOW work from personal experience.

*All my coaching calls are held via video call*

Please do not call or text me. You may use my website link to book in your initial pro bono ninety minute coaching session and you are more than welcome to email me via the email address below with any questions you have.

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