Name: Mr Franc Marcel S
Age: 20 - 30
Location: London, United Kingdom
Last logged in : 25th March 2021

Type of coach sought
  • career coaching
  • health coaching
  • leadership coaching
  • life coaching
  • personal coaching
  • relationship coaching
  • wealth coaching
Looking for a coach pro-bono
Looking for a coach for low-cost work with fees up to 30-40 USD


What I am looking to work on / What I am looking for in a coach
Hi coach i would like to enquire about the possibility of working with a life coach. I have been reading books watching seminars listening to audios i have found in there that to be successful and to go after your dreams and goals. you need a mentor. I have gained knowledge from gaining information on some of the greatest legends in the personal development field. I was searching for a life coach and came across your website. I have a very ambitious goal one i value dear to my heart. I live outside US. I would like help and guidance on setting up the right path to achieve my goals and dreams. I had to go through a transformation for the last 2 years. I will explain more on that once we connect. Thanks for your time. Thanking You Yours sincerely, Franc Marcel Ste


My other interests, experience and activites
Interested in taking an adventure journey. Educational background in Travel & Tourism. Passionate to work in the industry

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