Name: Coach : Ms Louise Cumberland
Age 62
Coaching since 2017.  3 years.
Location: Exeter, United Kingdom
Last logged in : 23rd March 2020

My coaching specialties...
    Coach undertakes pro-bono work
    Coach undertakes low-cost work with fees starting from 30 GBP


    I coach because I believe that we create our own reality. Through Coaching we find possibility and connection.

    Many people, including you, are held back by their personal gremlins or demons. Stuff that gets in the way of creating the life you want. These are the barriers that often come from stories we tell ourselves. Fear often keeps us trapped in the same situation - doing what we have always done and getting what we have always got. Well, the good news is, Coaching can help. You are the Expert, and by working with me, you will begin to understand what is holding you back and what you can do about it.

    I have worked for 30 years in the voluntary sector in UK. I devoted my life to making change happen and I believe my Coaching is an extension of this work.


    My Coach Training and Experience
    Professional Certificate in Coaching
    Final stages of completing Developing Mastery leading to ACC/MCC
    Member of International Coaching Federation


    My other interests, experience and activites
    I use a variety of theoretical approaches including TA, NLP, CBC.
    My Career is in Housing and Support and I have worked extensively with the not for profit and voluntary sectors

    I am on a journey to discover how we can all live in a more harmonious way - using only what we need and needing only what we use.

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