Name: Coach : Ms Aline Badr
Age 45
Coaching since 2011.  10 years.
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Last logged in : 1st May 2021

My coaching specialties...
  • business coaching
  • career coaching
  • executive coaching
  • leadership coaching
  • management coaching
  • mentor coaching
  • personal coaching
Coach undertakes pro-bono work


I’ve never fit in, not in a single company I joined. But that hasn’t stopped me from accomplishing some great wins in my career and my life. That's because I learned one very important lesson from leaders who were successful both personally and professionally. Their secret is self-awareness. Self-awareness removes blind spots and limiting beliefs. It aligns who we are with what we do and it arms us with the clarity and focus to make the right choices. I learned that the more we examine our thoughts, the more control we have over them and the more we know who we are, the better decisions we make. I learned that changing the world is an inside job and to make things happen, we must get out of our own way.

I have been advising and coaching successful leaders for 10 years and I want to help you build the life and career you were meant to have. My personal journey is riddled with risk, doubt, and insecurities, but I’ve never let that stop me from making decisions that honour who I am. I'd love to help you with yours.

Leadership, Executive, Career, Business, as well as personal/life coaching.


My Coach Training and Experience
Co-Active Training Institute

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