Name: Coach : Mr Jachym Jerie
Age 30
Coaching since 2012.  8 years.
Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Last logged in : 10th August 2020

My coaching specialties...
  • leadership coaching
  • life coaching
  • relationship coaching
  • transition coaching
Coach undertakes pro-bono work
Coach undertakes low-cost work with fees starting from 30
Coach does co-coaching with other coaches


I deeply listen to you so that I can see beyond what everyone else sees and hears. I challenge your fears. I challenge your current understanding of how you see yourself and the world so that you can grow beyond what you thought is possible. My coaching is rooted in non-judgment and compassion. You are already whole and complete.

Our work together is not about tweaking your life. Our work is to create a deep transformational impact in your life. All it takes is to allow yourself to be in alignment with yourself.

My pro-bono coaching is a means of giving back. For my paid work I create customized high value coaching packages.

You can also find me on youtube:

and on medium:

Please contact me via email or whatsapp, as I am most of the time not in Switzerland and won't use the provided phone number (only on whatsapp).

You can see what other people think of me:

I was extremely fearful of moving forward with a major career change that would have involved investing most of my lifetime savings in. The coaching unveiled a number of my own limiting beliefs. I was able to look at them in a different way. I completely changed my relationship with money. I saw that there was a false connection between money and personal identity. I had a breakthrough as a result of the coaching and was able to let go of my personal attachment with money and instead see money as an enabler for me to move forward.

The coaching enables you to full explore limiting beliefs in a bold and honest way. This is the only way I believe that lasting transformation can be achieved at a fundamental level.

1. It enabled me to start to see my true potential in other things.
2. I trusted Jachym as he was completely authentic.
3. It had a lasting impact.

I would strongly recommend Jachym as a Coach. I have various coaching experiences in my life and by far this is the most transformative. It has enabled me to move forward with my career change. I now have a new career and I am much happier for it!

I would describe Jachym’s coaching as Challenging!, Bold, Authentic, Supported, Appropriate-

Susan Challenger


My Coach Training and Experience
I have extensive training as a hypnotist and coach and have even certified people in the past myself as well. My investment runs well over 100k USD as I was trying to learn from the best.


My other interests, experience and activites
I'm traveling around the world at the moment with my wife. I have a deep interest in spirituality which informs most other areas of my life. I have been part in different startups.
I've become and investor and am interested to see how we as a human race can move forward more united.

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