Name: Coach : Miss Megan Han
Age 36
Coaching since 2019.  1 years.
Location: London, United Kingdom
Last logged in : 30th July 2019

My coaching specialties...
  • life coaching
  • personal coaching
  • relationship coaching
Coach undertakes pro-bono work


Hi! I’m Megan. I am trainee Heartbreak Coach and my goal is to guide you through the devastating pain of your break-up and get you crystal clear on what you want for your romantic life in the future. If you’re feeling lost, desperate and rejected after the end of a relationship, I’m here to help turn this situation into the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

Pro Bono Coaching Offer
I am so excited to be offering Pro Bono Heartbreak Coaching opportunities right now to a small number of women.

As a coach in training, what I am offering now is:
* The opportunity to work with me as your coach for a coaching series of 6 sessions over a 3 month period on areas that are important to you and your life path;
* A 30 minute consultation upfront to start the process to ensure we are a positive fit and to identify areas of possible focus to ensure maximum value from our sessions. You will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire prior to this first discussion

In return, and in lieu of any monetary exchange for this Pro Bono Coaching series offering, you need to provide:
* a (glowing) testimonial with a photo within one week of your coaching series finishing and
* a shout out where you can about the great experience you have had with me as your coach

Once we have the 30 minute consultation, we will identify the dates and schedule for our sessions so we can make them a priority once an hour each fortnight.

It’s time to bring yourself back to the centre stage of your life - where you belong. To become confident in who you are, to understand what you stand for and what you want!


My Coach Training and Experience
Training with: Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Accredited by International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Qualifications: Trainee Life Coach specialising in helping women through break-ups and heartbreak.
I have BSc in Business Management, CIPD qualifications in Human Resources and I am a certified NLP Practitioner (ABNLP)


My other interests, experience and activites
My core message is that breakups can be a huge catalyst for change.

The number one mistake I see people moving on from heartbreak is telling themselves things that are not true, such as:
* He was my person
* I just want to be with him
* He never loved me

The list goes on. The longer we tell ourselves false stories the longer the pain resides. And when that pain resides we try to avoid or resist it by staying busy or distracted. We need to process that negative emotion, sit with it, experience it.

Healing starts when you rewrite your story, to a story that serves you. How did that experience happen FOR you? Who is the woman that is completely over her ex? What does her life look like? How did she rise from the ashes? How is her life better than anything she ever had with him? When you go out and get committed about becoming that next version of you, you become her. And like I said the root cause to everything is your thinking, change your thinking and you’ll change your pain into power, your heartache into happy, and you’ll turn your dreams into reality.

Some Areas I Focus On:
- What to do in the first stages of heartbreak so you can breathe again
- How to take small steps forward every day so you can get out of bed
- Cultivating self-love and doing things for you
- What to do in moments of weakness so you can get through that moment
- How to feel better about your self-worth and relationship with your body image
- Changing and rewiring your thought patterns
- How to handle letting go of your ex so you’re not the Facebook/Instagram stalker anymore
- I also coach women beyond their heartbreak; helping them to take their life in a new, more aligned and fun direction.

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