Name: Coach : Ms Jana Kosova
Age 29
Coaching since 2018.  6 years.
Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Last logged in : 23rd April 2024

My coaching specialties...
  • business coaching
  • career coaching
  • health coaching
  • life coaching
  • personal coaching
  • relationship coaching
  • transition coaching
Coach undertakes pro-bono work
Coach undertakes low-cost work with fees starting from 15 GBP


I practise in a person-centred approach, which means that I focus on you as a client with the belief that you know the best what you need. Thus, my role is not to give you my advice or opinions, it is rather to help you raise self-awareness and facilitate your thinking process in new, more constructive ways. I am very empathetic, accepting and attentive, making sure that I provide you with a safe and empowering space where we can explore your needs, motivation and ways how to gain the results you want effectively.

My specialities are: Coaching Psychology, Positive Psychology, Transformational Coaching, Counselling, Stress Management, Resilience, Development of Positive Habits, Holistic Wellbeing, Mind-Body Connection, Personal Growth (MSc Dissertation topic - Empathy & Psychological Wellbeing)

My coaching approach focuses on understanding your inner world in order to change the way the outer world occurs to you: increasing your self-awareness about the beliefs, thoughts, values, fantasies, and patterns you might hold in order to create shifts in your ‘way of being’, thus, change behaviours and actions in your life.


My Coach Training and Experience
I graduated from MSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology at the University of East London. During the studies, I have completed over 100 coaching client hours and I am currently working towards the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) accreditation. Thus, I comply with their ethical guidelines and work under professional supervision.

My background lies in Psychology and Psychotherapy (BSc in Psychology and 5-year Person-Centred Psychotherapeutic training, both in Prague, Czech Republic).

Volunteer Coach at UEL: Coaching for Foundation Students (helping them to improve stress management and achieve life balance in order to improve their results and overall well-being)
Volunteer Coach at SOLACE Women’s Aid


My other interests, experience and activites
Among my passions belong travelling, nature, animals and sports (snowboarding, skiing and yoga in particular). I also very much enjoy reading, cooking, acting classes, taking photos or creative writing.

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