Name: Coach : Miss Diarra Sakho
Age 26
Coaching since 2021.  1 years.
Location: Toronto, Canada
Last logged in : 5th June 2022
Coach undertakes pro-bono work
Coach undertakes low-cost work with fees starting from 50 CAN



My ultimate purpose is to help people live their passions and ambitions. I have a strong eagerness to help and support individuals to change their lives. Passion means to me that I will do everything in my power to help you get to the life you desire.

Giving people a chance

I believe in fairness and giving others opportunities to change. No matter your finances, current situation, abilities or skills, I want to give you the chance to realize your desires and dreams.


Coaching doesn’t lead anywhere without trust and openness.
How can I expect you to trust and be honest to me? By being trustworthy and sincere.
I treat each one with the same level of care, respect and sincerity.


Creativity has been with me as long as I can remember. It has helped me in the hardest times and inspired me in the most prosperous moments of my existence.In my coaching, I apply this creativity to create meaningful new ideas, strategies, and methods to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.


Being a coach isn’t about dictating someone’s way of life. It’s about giving them the power and the confidence to shape the life they want to live.

Think of a coach as being your mentor or guide to a better you.


My Coach Training and Experience
I have obtained a Life Purpose Coach certification from the Centre of Excellence.

I'm always working toward improving my skills and area of expertise by enrolling to courses and certifications.


My other interests, experience and activites
- Sports and living a healthy life
- Business and strategy
- Travel

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