Name: Coach : Ms Christine Jowett
Age 52
Coaching since 2011.  8 years.
Location: St Catharines, Canada
Last logged in : 15th July 2019

My coaching specialties...
  • life coaching
  • personal coaching
Coach undertakes low-cost work with fees starting from TBD


As a Life Coach, Christine is a professional, friendly, supportive and inspirational person. Christine works with each client on an individual basis establishing what her client's ultimate goal is and then helping her client determine the best strategy and plan is to accomplish that goal. She works with her client ensuring each coaching session has been successful and asks what will happen in the session for the client to feel that way. The end of the session in most cases should have action steps to allow her client to move forward to the next step until the set amount of session have been completed or determine if her client wishes to continue with another group of coaching sessions. Christine' has the most experience in life caching with clients who have lived with or are living with a chronic illness and would like to create an action plan to succeed in something specific while living with their condition. She has also coached clients wishing to start or develop their small business, clients looking to put a balance in their life, and people looking to complete a task they've been seeking to compete for a long time


My Coach Training and Experience
Pursuing Life Coaching Certification, completion is in the fall of 2019

- Education in Psychology and other Social Sciences
- Earned a Bachelors Degree
- Completed postgraduate courses
- Completed Counseling, Consultation, and Advising Courses


My other interests, experience and activites
-A passionate advocate for persons with chronic illnesses, especially for Diabetes and conditions
requiring an Organ Transplant
=Volunteered in Toronto major hospitals, coaching patients with Type 1 Diabetes
-General coaching of persons with diabetes long term or newly diagnosed
-Counsel persons with organ transplants in expectations, concerns and emotional support
-President and Board Member of the Kidney Fdn of ON, Canada
-Serial Entrepreneur in busines related to corporate development and system development
-Chaired Galas and other social events to raise money for Medical charities
-Assisted in coaching girls hockey and soccer
-Worked in the Investment Industry for 25 + years

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