Name: Coach : Ms Oyuntuya Purevjav
Age 39
Coaching since 2016.  4 years.
Location: Antwerpen, Belgium
Last logged in : 16th October 2020

My coaching specialties...
  • life coaching
Coach undertakes pro-bono work
Coach undertakes low-cost work with fees starting from 40
Coach does co-coaching with other coaches


My name is Oyuntuya and I am a Certified Co-active Life Coach, a Mindful Living Coach and Yoga Teacher (500YTT) based in Belgium.

From my life experiences and as well working as a Mindful Living Coach on a cruise ship, Yoga Teacher, and Life Coach, I become aware of the power of a simple present moment.

Before our thoughts come into our awareness alongside with our ideas, beliefs, and habitual way of behaving in the present moment is still and open. If we are learned to in tune with ourselves in that moment, we are aware of our being and that we are whole and loved as we are.

Not a thing and/or no one can make you feel out of that self awareness. You don’t need to prove yourself to be loved and acknowledged. Because the present moment never judges or condemn. From that perspective we are able to create what we truly desire.

In my coaching practice, I coach clients to become aware of the present moment and help them to align with their true essence.

As a coach I can help you to identify the thoughts making you feel out of that alignment and react you to the situation or people from your old way of habitual self rather than thinking, speaking and behaving consciously.

You will only feel aligned with your true self, and you can learn to guard that sense of self just by keep coming back to the present moment. You will notice the shift in your physical body and in your whole being that is often cannot be understood by the intellectual mind but only experienced and felt.

If what you read is excites you and that you want to live your life with the harmony of your mind, body and spirit, please reach out to me to see if I can help.


My Coach Training and Experience
Certified Co-Active coach, Certified Mindful Living Coach


My other interests, experience and activites
I am Yoga and Meditation Teacher (500YTT), Reiki and Crystal Sound Healing Therapist.

I love being in the nature and doing outdoor activities. Hiking, running, cycling, and horseback riding.

I love reading and learning about the infinite human potentials from new latest science discoveries, and as well as from the ancient literatures.

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