Looking for free life coaching....

    ...or perhaps looking to find some pro-bono clients?

Pro-bono-coaching.com was created to enable you to find each other.

A lot of coaches take on a small proportion of clients to give something back to the world.
Others are life coaches currently in-training and are looking for eager participants upon which to practise their growing skills.

Either way, you can gain.  You can experience the power of life coaching for free - or low-cost here.

The way it works...

If you are looking for a life coach, simply sign up here.
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Your profile will be posted on our "Players seeking Coaches" page where our coaches can see you and get in touch.

You can also see life coaches who are looking for pro-bono clients on our "Coaches seeking Players" page and you can contact them!

About your privacy...

Only people who have signed up will be able to see your contact details.
Also, we only list your first name and initial, together with your location.

If you are a coach....

There are a number of reasons why you might offer free life coaching.  

Perhaps you already have an abundance of paying clients and want to contribute a little back to the world?  
To people who genuinely cannot afford it, but have the maximum to gain? Or to people who are interested in experiencing coaching, but do not yet feel ready to commit financially...
You are the amazing individuals who expand the reach of coaching in the world.

Or perhaps you are a coach still-in-training and want to find some fun, eager participants to practise on? Perhaps you do not feel comfortable asking for high fees at the moment, and offer low-cost coaching as a way to get comfortable with asking for a fee?

Perhaps you want to build your portfolio of client testimonials, build your network, or gain referrals for your coaching practise.

Pro-bono and low-cost coaching can both contribute towards your ICF certification process. For ACC portfolio applicants, you must log a minimum of 100 hours of client coaching with a minimum of 8 clients and 75 paid coaching hours.  The ICF also states that payment may be in any amount, or barter of goods or services, including coaching in exchange for coaching!

If you are looking for some active, eager, willing clients who want YOU to help them play their game better, you should go ahead and sign up here.

Membership is free, and only members can see your contact details and get in touch.  
Likewise, you can see the players who want some coaching here and you can contact them directly.

Have fun and experience some amazing, powerful coaching!
the Team from pro-bono-coaching.com